Odorox had a 5 log reduction kill rate (99.999%) in 2 hours when tested on the MS2 virus, which is of the same class as the Coronavirus.

Odorox machines were tested by ARE Labs in 2014 on bacteria, viruses, and mold to gain FDA approval as a Class II Medical Device for use in occupied areas. All of the tests were performed on pathogens selected by the FDA. One of the tests was on the MS2 virus and the results were excellent. Based on what is known about the new Coronavirus, we believe that the MS2 virus tested at ARE is an excellent surrogate as it too is a positive-sense, single-stranded RNA virus. Note that the FDA considered it routine simulant for pathogenic RNA viruses. Below is a link with the full report of all tests directly from ARE.

Odorox cannot claim to be 100% certain that the Odorox machines kill the Coronavirus.

This is because Odorox has not been tested on the Coronavirus. They are not able to test the Coronavirus in the near future because it is not possible for a lab to get the virus and perform the test. Only organizations like the CDC and NIH would even have access to it.

Odorox’s primary focus is on the aerosolized viruses.

They recommend spraying and wiping all surfaces with the proper chemicals. The Odorox machines should be running at the same time. Odorox will treat the pathogens in the air, and the chemicals being applied will treat the pathogens on the surfaces. They work extremely well together.


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